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Fisherman's BasketCreative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. is proud to present the Ultimate Fisherman's Basket.  This larger version of the Fisherman's Basket is without an equal and is enough to tackle not only the trickiest fish in the lake but also the most ferocious appetite.  

Fishing can be trying enough when you've got a full stomach, a full cooler, and a bunch of fish that won't stay away from your lure.  But how often does this happen?  Why not make the most of your quality time with the Ultimate Fisherman's Basket?  

This gift basket comes complete with a full assortment of fishing supplies ranging from a tackle box and fishing line to chocolate bobbers and a chocolate fishing reel.  Nestled in drift wood and greens you'll also find authentic caramel and pecan turtles (milk chocolate, Fisherman's Basket Zoom 1peanut butter chocolate, caramel and pecans), Goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, fish eggs, chocolate cookies, a fishing recipes book, photo frame, tuna, and a few other items. 

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Ultimate Fisherman's Basket
Custom Collection (Call To Order)
Chocolate Fishing Reel

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