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A Plumber's Dream Scene?

This Gift Basket was a special request from a building firm and we had fun with it. We were asked to "make something appropriate for their party" and we took that request and ran with it.

After finding a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Toilet Seat we've got, the idea for a cake toilet came to mind. YES, the toilet you see here is A CAKE! Complete with a roll of toilet paper, a plunger and the flusher knob, the cake sits on its own board and is self supporting. Not to mention delicious!

How big is it? Well, keep in mind that the roll of toilet paper sitting on top of it is half of a real roll and the plunger in the background (also part of the basket) has been cut in half...

If you like this idea, we've got the directions and all you need to do is order the toilet seat! That's right, with every Chocolate Toilet Seat order, we will personally walk you through every step it takes to make this unique eye catching cake.

Remember, the possibilities are endless and we welcome your suggestions and requests (not to mention your challenges). Happy Eating. . . .

Toilet Seat Cover - Milk

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