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Chocolate TV and Remote Control Set

Here's to all you "TV Buffs" out there...  If you're bored with all the remote controls you have sitting on the coffee table in your living room and want something a little more "entertaining", or if the TV is just a TV and you'd like to spice things up a bit, let us recommend our Chocolate TV and Remote Control set.

The solid milk chocolate remote control has white chocolate buttons, is the same size as real remote (2" W x 4 3/4" H x 1/2" thick and weighs 3.2 oz) and even looks like a real remote.  And although it may not do much for, or to, your current tv, it will certainly change the your mood when you take a break from the ordinary and decide to eat your remove instead of holding it...

And we can't forget the solid milk chocolate TV.  This chocolate TV is 4 1/8" W x 3 1/4" H x 1/4" thick, weighs 2.3 oz, and comes with a white chocolate TV screen.  And since the TV is individually wrapped in plastic, you can tape (or paste) your favorite picture right onto the screen to add a very personal touch (as shown here).

So, whether you're interested in getting just the Remote Control or want the complete TV and Remote Control set, you're sure to enjoy this evening "watching" your new TV...


TV Remote Control
4.75 in x 2.0 in x 0.5 in
3.3 oz
TV with Remote Control
TV: 2.3 oz
Remote: 3.2 oz.




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