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Ultimate TV Dinner

"This dinner is so realistic I've even had one customer say her son put it in the microwave." - Margaret McGowan

This delicious meal is intended for the most durable of couch potatoes and bachelors. Although we don't recommend microwaving this TV Dinner, we HIGHLY recommend trying it at room temperature.

Complete with a Hamburg patty, Mashed Potatoes (with butter), Peas and Carrots and some dried fruit for Desert, this meal has something from each of the food groups! Is it chocolate? The potatoes and hamburger patty certainly are and the peas and carrots are candy as well. The dried fruit is, well, dried fruit. And would you believe that the potatoes are made using the same recipe as is used for the spaghetti and cheeseburger toppings just to give it it's texture and to keep them soft...

Don't believe your eyes (click on the image for a better view) or our words? Try it for yourself and believe your own eyes and mouth !

Chocolate TV Dinner





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