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If you live in an area where you're blessed with snow during the winter months, then you know about the ups and downs of the season.  The Snowman Basket captures it all!

In addition to the two milk chocolate lolli-pops with white chocolate snow flakes on them, you'll find an assortment of snow (white chocolate) covered milk chocolate trees decked out with Christmas ornaments (sprinkles), peppermint sticks, a bag of chocolate dipped snowballs (cocoa with marsh mellows), a package of peppermint cocoa mix, a candy icicle (white rock candy), silver tinsel and foil packing, and of course the snowman. 

Unfortunately all good things must end sometime and we've captured that with Mr. Snowman...  The sun has come out and started to melt the snowman....  Built on a graham cracker, the snowman has a milk chocolate base and a body made out of a marsh mellow.  White chocolate then covers the  marsh mellow and runs off the base as the snowman melts.  Oh, and don't forget the orange chocolate nose, milk chocolate eyes, and solid milk chocolate top hat!

So, regardless of what part of winter you like most, you'll find it in the Snowman Basket!


Snowman Basket
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