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"Lost It Again Golfer"

. . . Golf Ball Seeds . . . (mint flavored candy)


Tree Top SearchIf your partner is having a tough day on the green, pull out your seeds and share them with him while explaining 'it's the seeds that make all the difference'. (The fact that it makes a GREAT breath freshener for both of you couldn't hurt)

"Easy to grow and train, these golf ball shrubs are for the 'Lost It Again Golfer' who is tired of buying thousands of balls a year. These hybrid golf balls will last longer, fly further, and cut ten strokes off your handicap! For best results, instructions MUST be followed to the TEE!"


* Images are NOT actual size of the products. For better detail, click on the seed packages.

Under Water Stroke"Lost It Again GolferTM" Golf Ball Seeds! Yes, you read correctly! These rare seeds are for the Golfer who has EVERYTHING! We bet he doesn't have Golf Ball Seeds! These miniature golf ball-shaped mints are specially designed for the avid golfer. For the "Lost It Again GolferTM", these little seeds are very tasty white mints with hilarious "planting directions" on the back of every package.

Not only would they make a good gift, but they fit perfectly into Christmas Stockings (each package is the same size as regular garden seed packages).

Under Grass RecoveryChoose between three package styles: In the Tree, Under Water, and Under Sod. These packages are sold in groups of three so choose three on one style or an assortment of each!

But as stated on the back of each package, "for best results, use McGowan's Golf Ball Seed Planting Kit." Or for that simple golfer's sweet tooth, try the Milk Chocolate Golf Bag and Balls.

"I personally think that these seeds are a great way to break the ice with a new client or to soften the blow if he, or your boss, is having a bad game. Golf Ball Seed packages should be standard equipment in your golf bag."

- Margaret McGowan

Candy Golf Ball Seeds





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