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Sailboat Gift Basket

Sailboat BasketWe're told that "you can't please everyone..."  Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. would like to officially disagree!  You can please everyone!  All you need to do is discover what they like to do.

Every coastal and lake bordered state is full of people who love boating.  Sailing, motor boating, water skiing, wave running, etc.  To help dispel the belief that some people are hard to shop for, we've developed the Sailboat Gift Basket for this ever growing number of people.

In this whicker basket you will find Nut Clusters, chocolate sea shells,  a wide assortment of  Chocolate Truffles and other chocolate and sugar candies, Flowers of your choice and of course, the Chocolate Sailboat.

Don't like what we've chosen to put in the basket?  No problem, simply let us know what you'd prefer to have in it and consider it done!  We customize nearly every gift basket we produce!

Sailboat Basket





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