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Hairdresser Gift Assortment

Looking for that little something that's just a little bit different?  Allow us to recommend the Hairdresser Gift Assortment.

This is a perfect gift for anyone you know who spends a lot of time working on their, or someone else's hair. Regardless of whether they are professional hair stylists or simply enjoy playing with their own hair, this is sure to get a beautiful smile!

Included in this kit are five pink chocolate (colored white chocolate) hair rollers, a white chocolate mirror with sugar candies on it for decoration, a peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate hair dryer, a semi-sweet chocolate (dark chocolate) comb, and a milk and white chocolate hair brush.  The items come shrink wrapped on a 10 inch white cardboard disk (as shown here).




Hairdresser Gift Assortment
10 inch disk





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