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Construction Cone BasketThe Construction Basket is perhaps one of our most unconventional gift baskets.  Featuring a collection of standard "fixer-upper" and construction supplies, this "basket" has already turned the public's eye.  

Built around a standard, tall, orange construction cone, this collection of "supplies" will undoubtedly feed the hungriest of work crews.  With an unlimited number of options, you can custom tailor your basket for any occasion, individual, or group.

Pictured here is the construction cone complete with work gloves, a hard hat, "Caution" tape, assorted chips, chocolate beer bottles, granola bars, assorted nuts, truffles, a chocolate cheeseburger, a chocolate pizza slice, and a chocolate cement truck.  But because of the virtually unlimited combinations, this basket must be ordered over the phone. 

And to take this basket one step further and to make it that much more beneficial to the new home owner, include a free copy of Mortgage Manager - a program that will open the door to HUGE savings on any mortgage (new or old).  Simply follow the installation directions, run the program, input your current mortgage information, and it will tell you how to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars every month and drastically reduce the duration of the loan.  More Information...

Custom Basket Collection:  Every Custom Collection Basket is custom made and must be ordered via phone call or email request.  This ensures that all customers are made aware of all options, possibilities and prices.  With this in mind, the price of this basket will be dependant upon the number and types of contents ordered (review some possible contents by clicking on the "View Menu" button below).  


Construction Basket
Custom Collection (Call To Order)




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