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Chocolate Cheeseburger (with all the fixings)

We all know that the Cheeseburger is the American Staple food. Between home grills and those millions of hamburger stands scattered throughout the country, everyone knows what's for dinner (or is it lunch?).

Anyway, we have decided to make our own twist on America's favorite fast food. Try a 100% chocolate cheeseburger with solid peanut butter and milk chocolate buns and milk chocolate hamburger patty. But why stop there? Through the use of our own secret chocolate recipe, we've added soft green chocolate lettuce, soft yellow chocolate cheese and don't forget the ketchup. The lettuce and cheese are so life like that we even use this recipe for our spaghetti and the mashed potatoes in the TV Dinner.

Sitting just over 4" in diameter and 2" tall, this burger weighs in at about 1 lb and is enough to fill up even the most hearty of appetites and to quench the STRONGEST sweet tooth. Personally, we wouldn't think of eating it all in one sitting!

Chocolate Cheeseburger





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